Quality assurance

We pay great attention to the wishes and requirements of our clients in order to deliver as good and consistent translation as possible, thereby ensuring a long-term and mutually satisfactory cooperation. For this reason, all the texts are translated by experienced and professional translators, court-sworn translators, language teachers and native speakers with many years of experience in translation across various fields.

If a client has submitted special guidelines or style guides, we provide every translator with detailed instructions and then proceed by monitoring the compliance with regard to deadlines, and by maintaining contact between all parties involved in the process.
Before delivery, each translation is carefully reviewed and, if needed, proofread and edited by our associates who are authorised for editing, revision and proofreading assignments.

In addition to the above quality insurance processes, the texts that have been translated with the help of CAT tools are additionally validated using various check tools. The purpose of such tools is to ensure consistency between all the documents that have been translated, especially with regard to the proper use of special characters (tags), numbers and units of measure, as well as punctuation, proper capitalisation etc.