We provide translations from various foreign languages into Croatian and from Croatian into various foreign languages. Our offer includes the following language combinations from (or to) Croatian: English, German, Italian, French, Bosnian, Serbian, Macedonian, Slovenian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Czech and Russian. For other languages, please send us a request and we will reply with the quote as soon as possible.

In order to ensure the highest level of translation quality and to meet the expectations of different clients, our translation work complies with the HR EN 15038:2006 standard that prescribes the requirements for translation services.

This standard defines the rules, procedures and requirements that enable providers of translation services to meet the needs of the market, and to ensure the required quality of translation. It prescribes, among other things, the requirements with regard to human and technical resources, quality and project management, contact with the client and translation procedures, as well as the monitoring and supervision of the translation process.


We provide our clients with translations in the following areas:
•    Legal documents
•    Economy, banking and finance
•    Marketing
•    Business correspondence
•    Technical manuals, instructions for use
•    Electrical and mechanical engineering
•    Telecommunications
•    Tourism
•    Websites (localisation)
•    Civil engineering
•    Machinery
•    Medicine
•    Automotive
•    Ecology
•    Natural sciences
•    Design, fashion
•    Road, rail and sea transport
•    Logistics and transport