Data Protection Policy

Projekt P respects your privacy and processes your personal information fairly and lawfully.

Personal data can be collected and processed further only in cases stipulated by law.

Personal data – Personal data is any information which refers to an identified individual, i.e. an individual who can be directly or indirectly identified (e.g. first and last name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and the like).

The purpose of collection – We collect personal data for the purpose of enhancing content quality, functionalities and services on the website in order to satisfy your interests and needs, to inform you of existing and new content, functionalities and services that might be of your interest, and in order to acquaint you with our products and services, as well as those of our associated companies and partners.

The data we process – Access to the website is free and does not require registration. If you want to, you can sign up to receive newsletters, participate in prize games and competitions, etc. Providing personal data is voluntary. When you register, we can process the following personal data: first name and last name, e-mail address, address and city.

You have the right to request a cancellation of your subscription to promotional e-mail messages (newsletters and the like) by sending a notification with your request to our e-mail address, or by cancelling this functionality yourself if this option is enabled in the promotional e-message.

Personal data which we necessarily process when you register to receive newsletters or to take part in prize games and competitions will not be visible to other users when using the website By registering on the website you give explicit permission that the personal data you have entered are processed for the purposes and in the way provided by our Privacy Protection Policy on the website

1. Collecting and using your personal data

Polls and questionnaires – From time to time we carry out polls, surveys, questionnaires, etc., on our web pages. The data collected in this way is considered confidential and is used solely for the purposes of the company Projekt P.

Messages in electronic form – When you send us e-mail with your personal data by which it is possible to identify you, regardless of whether the e-mail contains a question or a comment, we use this data solely for the purpose of meeting your needs. We may forward your e-mail, or form, to a third party in order to answer your question, i.e. to fulfill your request.

2. Disclosing your personal data to third parties

We do not submit your personal data to third parties unless you give us permission to do so. However, when this is required for the realization of a functionality, content or service offered by (e.g. a prize game), we consider that you have given your consent to disclose your personal data to our partners/affiliated companies who are essential for the realization of this functionality (e.g. organization of a prize game or competition). We will ensure that the partners/affiliated companies process your personal data in the manner provided by this Privacy Protection Policy available on the website

On our website we can also offer you social network features which enable the sharing of personal data on social networks. Therefore we kindly ask you to familiarize yourself with personal data protection policies applied on the pages of other portals or social networks, i.e. third parties.

3. Limitation of liability

Although we undertake available technical, organizational and personnel measures of protecting personal data from accidental or intentional misuse, destruction, loss, unauthorized change or access, we can not guarantee that some of the personal data we collect will never be accidentally revealed, contrary to the rules of this Privacy Protection Policy.

We exclude our liability for the damage inflicted to users or third parties by the accidental revealing of personal data to the maximum extent permitted by law.

Since we do not have control over personal data you submit when accessing or using other portals, i.e. personal data you submit directly to third parties (e.g. when participating in sponsored activities), we exclude liability to the maximum extent permitted by law for the damage which may be inflicted to you or third parties by submitting personal data in this way.

4. Server statistics

Our global network server uses statistical software. Such software is a standard feature of all web servers and is not characteristic only of the website Statistical programs of this kind allow us to determine the information in which our users are interested the most or the least. It is necessary to install such a program because of the website’s structural efficiency, and for determining the number of visits to the website

Cookie policy

This website uses cookies – small textual files that are placed on your computer in order to improve your user experience. Cookies are used for saving a user’s selections and submitting anonymous tracking of user data to third applications like Google Analytics. Cookies generally improve your website browsing experience.

However, you may want to disable cookies on these web pages. The most effective way of doing this is to disable cookies in your browser’s settings.

What are cookies? Cookies represent a group of data which are used for your anonymous individual identification, in such a way that an individual page of the website you visit sends the data to your browser.

The purpose of cookies. When you access a single web page, we send you cookies which are saved on your computer and serve to record information about your previous visits (e.g., how many times you have accessed the website This means that we will look up your cookie whenever you visit our website again in order to read the data recorded in it. A cookie does not contain your personal data, but it enables a faster and more efficient activation of information, data and settings that you had already submitted when accessing and using No other web page that is not a part of the website can access our cookies on your computer. follows the statistics of the number of visits to its website solely for the purpose of acquiring necessary information about the attractiveness and success of the website. In doing so it uses a third party service called Google Analytics. Detailed information about this service from the third party, as well as the user possibility of regulating cookie settings which are necessary for the service, is available at:

Blocking cookies. You are authorized to completely block the receiving of cookies from the website by selecting this option in your browser’s Tools/Options menu.

Privacy Protection Policy changes and termination

Projekt P j.d.o.o. reserves the right to change or terminate all or any part of this website and the Privacy Protection Policy on at any time. The changes come into force when they are published on this website or when users are notified of them.