Glossaries and terminology lists

Depending on the client’s needs and requirements we use specific terminology, create glossaries, terminology bases, translation memories etc.
Very important part of the translation process are the tools for computer assisted translation – CAT tools. They are especially useful for translation of large technical documents, user manuals etc. because they allow creation of glossaries and translation memories which makes it easier for the translators who will never again have to translate the same sentence twice.

Another benefit of the CAT tools is the consistency of the translation, even when several translators work on one translation project. In such cases the translation memory for specific project is shared with all translators and they can all see at the same time everything that has been translated.
Using tools for computer assisted translation means certains saving for clients who for example regulary update their user manuals. In that case the client will have to pay only for the translation of updated or modified parts of the document.